Invest in the Future We All Want to See

We believe private wealth has a role to play in shaping tomorrow’s world. Align17 connects you to direct investing opportunities managed by world-leading impact investors, generating returns for humanity.

We are empowering a new generation of private investors to become catalysts for positive change.

Align17 is a private, digital marketplace that brings visibility to the world’s best impact investment opportunities. It uses the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to present tailored opportunities to investors.

Working with top institutional impact investors to source global investments, and third-party industry experts to vet them, it presents deals that both yield results and match the values of investors.

True Access

  • High-quality direct impact opportunities
  • Low minimum ticket size
  • Harnessing technologies to speed information sharing

Third-Party Vetting

  • External providers Hamilton Lane and PwC
  • Deal quality assurance
  • Reduces transaction times


  • Unique expeditions to build deeper relationships with like-minded investors
  • NextGen impact investing education
  • Network of trust

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“Align17 is a very open platform. It’s designed in a way that new partners can join. And I think that is also something that we definitely would be happy if more partners and also other financial service firms would join so we can create more and more momentum.”

Martin Blessing

Co-President, UBS Global Wealth Management,
Speaking at Align17 launch event in Davos

Our People

We are highly capable financial and technology professionals with an unparalleled global network. We are thoughtful, collaborative entrepreneurs who use our resources with purpose and imagination.

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We are looking for people who believe that only through radical collaboration we can realize the full potential of finance in the world. If this is you - Whether you are a private investor, family advisor or financial institution - let’s talk.

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