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Align17 offers private investors a powerful way to scale their positive impact in the world by helping philanthropists, development finance institutions, multilateral development banks, and governments work together to close the SDG funding gap by collecting co-investment opportunities.

A Global Market for impact is ready

Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 requires investments of an estimated $5-7 trillion per annum ranging from philanthropy to investments in infrastructure. This creates an enormous global investment opportunity matching purpose and profit.

Global Goals

Private wealth wants to be part of the solution

  • 32% of family offices are investing in impact and an additional 30% is likely to do so.
  • 52% of Next Generation investors are interested in impact investing.

The power of
number 17

To reach the ambitious 2030 global agenda set in the Sustainable Development Goals, we need everybody on board. Goal 17, Partnership for the Goals, gives each stakeholder a chance to creatively play a role.

Align17 Logo

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Everybody holds a piece of the puzzle to unlock private wealth at scale for the Global Goals. Which one is yours?

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